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Cosmo’s Moon

Devin Scillian | author

48 pages / hardcover

Cosmo loves the moon, and the moon loves Cosmo. They both come to realize though that lots of things depend on the moon – the ocean tides, morning glories, and the dogs, who can’t stop howling. A magical book about the power of friendship and the nature of responsibility, Cosmo’s moon will charm everyone who’s ever been bewitched by the beauty of the moon. “Cosmo loved the moon. He had moon pajamas and a moon nightlight and stars and moons all over his bedroom. Every night, Cosmo’s mother and father gave him a hug and a kiss and tucked him into his bed. But just as soon as they closed his bedroom door, he threw aside the covers, ran to the open window, and watched as the golden moon came into the night sky just above the sycamore tree. And as a gentle night breeze blew across the curtains, Cosmo would talk and the moon would listen.”

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P is for Peach, A Georgia Alphabet

Carol Crane | author

40 pages / hardcover

As you travel through the Okefenokee Swamp, keep an eye out for Tiger Swallowtails and Brown Thrashers, and be sure to pick some Yellow Confederate Daisies before taking a nap under a Live Oak Tree. This is the Georgia that becomes a wondrous reality within the beautiful rhyming verses of Carol Crane and the colorful images. At the same time, the rhymes entertain and inform younger readers, Crane’s in-depth expository text will appeal to older ones, creating a two-tiered teaching tool for educators in the Peach State and across the country.

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Ellen Craft’s Escape from Slavery

Cathy Moore | author

48 pages / Library binding & paperback available

In the 1840s, runaway slaves faced many dangers. They were often caught and sometimes killed. Ellen Craft and her husband William knew the risks. And they decided to take a chance.
Ellen and William had a daring plan to escape from slavery. Posing as a white man, Ellen hoped to travel north as William’s slave master. But the two had many states to cross. Would they reach freedom? Or would someone see through Ellen’s disguise?

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T is for Touchdown, a Football Alphabet

Brad Herzog | author

40 pages / hardcover & paperback available

The sounds of autumn include the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot and the thump of the kickoff starting the first home football game. Herzog’s easy-to-read-aloud rhymes engage even the youngest of readers, while hardcore fans can devour the detailed expository that covers the sport of the pigskin, from A-Z and end zone to end zone. Plays and players are just a few of the topics covered.

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J is for Jump Shot, A Basketball Alphabet

Michael Ulmer | author

40 pages / hardcover & paperback available

From the first jump ball and its humble beginnings at a YMCA with a couple of peach baskets to the final buzzer and the glam of an NBA slam, basketball bounces onto your bookshelves with J is For Jump Shot. Readers will be entertained as they learn the rules, fundamentals, famous players, and plays. Young fans and old will find nothing but net as their many questions are answered — What was the role of Dr. James Naismith in developing the game? Why do referees sometimes place their palm on their heads? And who scored more points than any other NBA player?

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Piggles’ Choice 

Katherine Moore | author

42 pages / paperback

Piggles likes to sing. She chooses the blues. Piggles likes to dance. She mostly moonwalks in the mud. Piggles likes to play with her friends. She prefers Pirates and Princesses. But most of all, Piggles loves to eat! Can her friends help her make good choices? Her “FARM GRUB” friends (Farmer Goat, Lil’ Chickin, La Vaca – the cow, Duckie, and Horse) all work together to help her make good choices so that she can sing, and dance and play all day and not get the “Snackcake Blues.” PIGGLES’ CHOICE teaches a very important, very memorable lesson – “REAL FOOD, Growing Food, helps you grow strong. Treats go last, where they belong.” Two special sections are included: “Special Tips from the Nutrition Chick” & our “Not So Ho-Hum Curriculum” featuring a PIGGLES PARTY.

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Dear Baby, I’m Watching Over You

Carol Casey | author

32 pages / hardcover

A moving and uplifting story, this picture book helps young children in military families cope with a parent or older sibling who is away on training or deployment. It serves as a primer for introducing the concepts of patriotism and service to country.ounted in the great state of Georgia.

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Peck of Peaches: a Georgia Numbers Book 

Carol Crane | author

4o pages / paperback

Using simple number concepts, A Peck of Peaches: A Georgia Number Book travels the state, showcasing its natural wonders and traditions, along with entertaining facts and information. From four historic words of Martin Luther King Jr. (“I have a dream”) to the admittance of the 13th colony (Georgia’s entry into the union), A Peck of Peaches shows young readers that almost anything can be counted in the great state of Georgia.

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